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Neil has a rare talent of being able to join a project team and hit the ground running, he is a prolific worker who rarely makes errors and whose productivity and energy is just what you need when timelines are tight.

He is modestly very knowledgeable and everyone trusts his judgement, added to which we really like him...

Mark Sinclair, CEO, Quickheart Ltd

...what I enjoy most about working with Neil is his attention to detail and his suggestions to improve whatever we are working on. Some designers just give you what you ask for - but Neil gives you what you actually need. That has a real impact on my results.

Hannah Foreman-Wenneker, Head of Researcher Relations, Elsevier

I have collaborated with Neil on many projects over the last few years. Equally strong in online and print design, he consistently delivers clean and creative designs - often within restrictive branding guidelines.

One of Neil's strengths is asking the right questions so he understands the end user and can apply this to projects. He is imaginative, skilled, hardworking and flexible ...a few of the reasons that make him my designer of choice for so many projects.

Rachel Guest, Freelance Marketing Consultant

I have worked with Neil for many years and have found his design and web development acumen to be first class. Neil is very personable, highly professional and passionate about creativity in web design.

He is a no-nonsense fountain of wisdom on web design practice and worldly goings on in the field. If I need freelance or project based design work done, on time and to a high spec with minimum hassle, I call Neil...

Tom Clark, Chief Officer, Business & Product Innovation, Emerald Publishing Group

...an impressive mix of both highly creative and highly technical skills. Neil is able to quickly translate business objectives into specific technical deliverables - suggesting ideas, and improvements, based upon his many years of agency & client-side experience. In short, I have no hesitation in recommending Neil.

Steve Carroll, VP Customer Insights, LexisNexis

Thanks. Wow, I am impressed about the quality of this delivery. The UI kit is great!

Ivo Verbeek, Ritense BV

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, design can be a key distinguishing factor between you and your competition. Good design aids communication and helps get your message across. We understand all the elements that go into a great design, from layout and typography through to brand strategy.

We specialise in user-centered design solutions, building intuitive and easy to use web application interfaces. So whether you are redesigning your existing website, updating your company intranet, or building your next application, we are here to help. By using our expert knowledge of how people use the web, we can ensure that your site is engaging, easy to use and meets your business goals.

Good design is more than just making things look pretty, it’s about creative problem solving. Clients come to us with complicated business problems and we make sense of them.

User Experience Design

"User experience" encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products - A high-level form of strategic design, akin to architecture.

User Interface Design

Creating the visual components with which your visitors interact in a natural and intuitive way, regardless of the application.

Our user-centred philosophy means that all of our design solutions are intuitive and easy to understand. Simple doesn't have to mean simplistic.


Here are a few clients we have had the pleasure of working with.

Boots PLC
Cell Press

Emerald Publishing
Oxford University
Lloyds Bank

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